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Appearing at a 'Dive-In' Near You

August 01, 1993

The phone rings.

"Joan? It's Angie. I've got something really cool for us to do Wednesday night. How does 'Creature From the Black Lagoon' sound?"

"Like my last blind date."

"Not him! I mean the classic 1950s horror flick. The city of Rosemead is showing it at their city pool. It's called a 'Dive-in Movie.' Isn't that a kick?"

"Yeah. Sort of like that dive you dragged me to last week."

"Except we can bring the kids . . . ."

"Hm. No baby-sitter to pay for. This is sounding better. Go on."

"Well, the city is showing the film on a screen next to the pool during their regular free swim time. We can watch the film from the pool deck or right in the water on a single-person float, such as an inflatable raft or inner tube."

"I could bring my big whale float."

"It can't be anything large because the lifeguards have to be able to see underneath and make sure nothing's on the bottom of the pool that shouldn't be."

"But how good could the sound be?"

"Chris Hansen, the recreation supervisor, told me they will have a P.A. system set up for really good sound."

"Is the film the original 3-D version made in 1954?"

"You bet your red and blue glasses, it is."

"Then we're on. How much? And where is it?"

Admission is only $1.50 per person and includes popcorn, punch and use of the 3-D specs. The pool is at 9155 Mission St. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. And you can call (818) 288-6671, Ext. 256 if you have any other questions.

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