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KCOP Wipes Out With Quake Report

August 01, 1993

KCOP's "13 Real News" should change its name to "13 Insensitive News" for its July 12 reporting of the devastating earthquake in Japan, which left many dead and injured. Ross Becker ended the report, which lasted about two minutes, by casually mentioning that surfers should not be expecting the resulting tsunami caused by the earthquake to reach our shores, as if surfing was the first thing on people's minds after hearing of such a tragedy.

KCOP should have gotten its priorities straight and placed the surf report in the weather segment of the news, as other local stations did.

Paul Lih Lee, Los Angeles

Leno Falls Out of Tree

On "The Tonight Show" (NBC) recently, Jay Leno was doing a bit about how to tell a genius from a non-genius. To illustrate genius, he read a line from the poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer. Then he ad-libbed, sarcastically, "Oh yeah, Joyce Kilmer, she was a genius. Right."

Stick to the bit, Jay. Don't ad-lib. Or you may need to add to your list of non-geniuses talk-show hosts who think Alfred Joyce Kilmer was a woman.

Paul Broussard, Torrance

The Wonder 'Fences'

I was wondering if anyone else out there has discovered how extraordinarily wonderful "Picket Fences" is? This show never fails to surprise, amaze, amuse, shock and move me from episode to episode. I was happy to see that CBS renewed it for the fall season.

Linda Harris, Los Angeles

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