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Riordan Owes No Debt to Valley

August 06, 1993

* With the election of Richard Riordan as mayor, I think we can rest assured that the politics of patronage is officially dead in the City of Los Angeles.

For the first time we have a mayor who does not have to be financially beholden to anyone. His only agenda is to do what is best for the people of Los Angeles.

I agree with what Paul Clarke said in his article (Commentary, June 20), yet my concern is rising over the increasing reference to a debt.

Yes, the Valley did vote nearly 3 to 1 for Riorden, but I do not believe that we have suddenly become the "chosen ones," and I don't believe Riorden owes us anything more than a fair share and the opportunity to participate. The Valley doesn't need or want charity, quotas or special concessions.

We supported Riorden because we believe he has the skills to lead the entire city of Los Angeles, and that he will include the Valley's 1.6 million residents in his plans. If we really want to help Mayor Riordan succeed, we have to think of ourselves as an integral part of a great city.

We have elected two new council members, Laura Chick and Richard Alarcon, both of whom, I can attest, represent the best the San Fernando Valley has to offer. Working with the more rational of the council members to the south we have an opportunity to forge an unprecedented coalition for positive change at City Hall.

Now that we have a level playing field, and a commitment to enfranchise the Valley, the burden is upon Valleyites to support Richard Riordan in his efforts. He cannot do it alone.



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