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OXNARD : Lottery Winners Shun the Attention

August 07, 1993|MATTHEW MOSK

An Oxnard man whose wife won $6.76 million in the California lottery said the couple had mixed feelings about their sudden wealth.

"I'm thrilled that it happened, but I really don't want the attention," said Donald Methlie, 60, at his home Friday.

Methlie's wife Joan, 57, bought $10 worth of Quick Pick tickets Wednesday at an Oxnard service station near their home.

She regularly bought tickets at the station and told lottery officials she plays Super Lotto "just about every draw."

Neighbors described the retired government employee and his wife as gentle people, and were pleased to hear of the couple's good fortune.

"I am so happy for them it's like I won it myself," said neighbor Frank Brisslinger, 56.

"It couldn't have happened to nicer people."

Another neighbor said Donald Methlie recently suffered a stroke and was nervous that he would not be able to afford the medical care he needed.

"He was real worried they were going to cut off his disability payments," said Bill Nichols, 56. "But he doesn't have to worry anymore."

The Methlies live in a small, well-maintained house on a quiet Oxnard street.

Neighbors said the couple have two adult children, one of whom became an Oxnard police officer. Donald Methlie Jr. now works for the Trinity County Sheriff's Department in Northern California.

Lottery officials said the couple will receive $338,000 a year for 20 years before taxes.

Joan Methlie, who was not available for comment, told lottery officials she had won $4,581 on a ticket in 1988.

She told officials: "It's a dream come true. We're going to sit tight and let it all sink in."

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