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Disney Funds Won't Help Public

August 08, 1993

* Once again we have an example of poor foresight and leadership from our government officials.

(Gov. Pete) Wilson's recent pledge of $60 million to the Walt Disney Co. (July 22) for their parking lots is a step backward.

The Orange County voters have passed propositions and measures for transportation improvements and rail projects, but as the proposed fixed guideway system flounders for funding (millions short), the state sees fit to spend money on projects that profit a single company and not on a rail project that serves the entire public.

(Just a reminder: The fixed guideway is proposed to run along Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue, benefiting tourists to Disneyland and other activity centers, including the Anaheim Arena and Stadium, and the residents of the county without putting an additional burden on our already over-stressed road system.)

The Disney funding is a perfect example of misused public funds.

Furthermore, the project goes against goals set by Caltrans that encourage development of alternative means of traveling, which are to give the public a safe, efficient and reliable choice.

In addition, Caltrans promotes transportation strategies, facilities, services and technology to support air quality and energy efficiency, all of which the parking structures oppose.

Disney should either pay back the entire amount given to them, or a strong portion should go toward public agencies to improve traffic conditions around the area, and the region, which will be impacted from the Disney expansion.

Remember: Spend funds on projects that have already been approved by the voters.


Huntington Beach

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