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No Excuses for Behavior of Dr. Allen

August 08, 1993

* Dr. Ronald Allen and the Los Angeles Times are spending a tremendous amount of time rationalizing Allen's despicable and monstrous behavior in a life gone awry ("A Troubled Doctor on Road to Tragedy," Aug. 1).

We might have been able to feel sorry for his father's death, but the rest of Allen's life, his failed practice and relationships, his financial problems and his alcohol and drug abuse (does he really believe injecting steroids, Valium and Demerol is not abuse?) and his multiple decisions to risk others' lives at the wheel of his car were all his choices.

The last one is criminal, and I pray that it's treated that way.

Many of us believe that what Allen did deserves not pity, but punishment.

And to The Times: Shame on you for dwelling on Allen's life because you consider it more sensational than the apparently normal, sane and law-abiding lives of his victims.


Costa Mesa

* In your article, Dr. Allen is quoted: "My father died. I was upset and my father died."

Many others have lost more family members than just a father (and have had financial problems and other personal problems as it appears Dr. Allen had), and they do not react as Dr. Allen reacted. His actions are abominable.

And the real tragedy here is not Dr. Allen but the family that he almost decimated by his total lack of clear thinking and self-control.

He should spend a long, long time in prison.

But one day, he will be alive and free probably. But the young Minzey girls' parents are dead, and these young girls will never be free of their heartache.

What happened is indeed a tragedy--and it can be laid clearly and completely on Dr. Allen's doorstep.


San Juan Capistrano

* I am so mad that I cannot see straight.

To place an article about the poor, unfortunate, troubled Dr. Allen on the front page of your newspaper is an outrage.

Somebody should tell this drug-abusing, alcoholic jerk that if he thinks his life is tough, he should put himself in the shoes of an 11- and 15-year-old left alone by his selfish act of driving drunk.

Shame on The Times for profiling this murderer.



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