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Using Adoption as a Power Play

August 08, 1993

* I am writing in response to Dana Parsons column "The Ties That Bind May Also Serve to Undo Child's Life" (Aug. 1). The column discusses little Jessica who left her adoptive parents and home in Michigan and joined her natural parents and home in Iowa.

I disagree with Dana Parsons. I cannot believe that most people side with the adoptive parents. I think most people have a great deal of sympathy for the DeBoers, but I do not believe most people think they are entitled to raise this little girl, nor were they ever entitled to raise her.

The DeBoers are unable to have their own children, which is a very unfortunate and desperate situation for them.

However sad these circumstances are, it does not give them the right to take Jessica from her natural parents, as the courts finally determined after two years.

Shame on them for taking so long.

Yes, Cara Schmidt made a mistake. Under her circumstances at the time, this is understandable. Does anyone honestly believe she should lose her child forever? And what about Dan Schmidt? Does anyone honestly believe he should not be entitled to raise his daughter? I don't think so.

What the DeBoers did in keeping this baby from her natural parents who desperately wanted her was criminal. They used the legal system, the press and public sentiment to assist them. They were able to buy time with Jessica. The critical first two years of her life. They thought that if they succeeded in keeping her long enough, that it would not be in "Jessica's best interests" to remove her from their home and return her to her parents.

They stole these precious years out of their own desperate need to be parents. This is not love, this is a selfish act of power and possession.


Laguna Niguel

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