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White 'Chantilly Lace'

August 08, 1993

Director Linda Yellen ("Chantilly Lace" TV Times July 18) says she "wanted to do a film with women of different ages, styles and personas and to make the mix interesting, they had to be as different as possible." Is her world so limited that she actually thought her cast was "mixed"?

Seven women--all white! I guess it never occurred to anyone involved with this project that at least one woman of color might really have broadened the scope of this story. No matter how radical some artists like to believe they are, they reflect the sorry state of their culture.

Lorna Neal, Los Angeles

Untold Story

On Sunday (July 11, CBS), I watched the movie "Absolute Strangers" and realized again how only one side of the abortion tragedy is presented. The pro-lifers were cast in a very negative light. Could this showing have had anything to do with Operation Rescue efforts that week?

In this movie, the pregnancy was proceeding with no complications; the husband decided on an abortion for his comatose wife and had his 5 1/2-month-old (unborn) child killed by D & E, which crushes the head and the body is brought out in pieces.

The true story of Barbie Blodgett of Yakima, Wash., shows a brighter side. In 1988 she became the fourth comatose woman in medical history to give birth to a healthy baby. On the day following the baby's birth, Barbie slowly began to regain consciousness. When is this true story going to be told? . . . I'm still waiting.

Gloria Jacobsen, Buena Park

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