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INS Sting

August 08, 1993

* The July 31 photos depicting a woman's reaction to a deportation order by the INS caused me, and others in my family, feelings of anger, outrage and pity. To know that one of our government agencies can callously wreak grief and havoc on people, most of whom are here working and, as INS official Bob Mandgie declared, are "really good people" is repugnant and offends a decent person's sense of humanity. The citizens of a country who up to about 100 years ago were not even remotely illegal on this land deserve to be treated better than subhumans.

The INS' interpretation of our immigration laws seems to have become twisted. I can understand deporting immigrants who are here committing crimes, but kicking out people who are mostly responsible and have a history and stake in this country is another sign of moral decay and arrogance within our government agencies.



* In response to "When Deception Boomerangs," editorial, Aug. 3:

Instead of focusing on the serious problems caused by the inundation of our country, our state and most especially Southern California by illegal aliens, you continue your single-minded attack of the only agency that is actively doing something about it, the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Every occurrence in memory of INS action against the flood of illegal aliens has been met with editorial positions by The Times more aligned with the interests of "immigrant" rights extremists than with the public good. I cannot remember seeing an objective article in The Times on the economic, material and cultural costs of the tide of illegal aliens. Yet earlier this year we were regaled by a series delineating the shortcomings of the Border Patrol. Your lack of balance in editorials and articles will only serve to demoralize the understaffed, underfunded and overworked INS, provide comfort and support for the illegal aliens that are breaking our laws, thereby exacerbating the "immigration" problem and diminishing the possibilities of solving it.

As far as the INS "sting" operation is concerned, any approach that results in the legal deportation of illegal aliens is a good approach. The INS should be commended for finding a manpower-efficient way to get the lawbreakers to come to them.



* Although I am a citizen who is pro strong methods to cope with the illegal immigration problem, I am aghast at and frightened by the method used by the INS in its letter/sting operation. This is a tactic which must be vociferously denounced by any American who still has some measure of confidence in our government's rapidly eroding justice system.


Los Angeles

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