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Goldfish: They're Not Just for Lunch Anymore

August 12, 1993|CHARLES PERRY

Pepperidge Farm is expanding its Goldfish cracker line with goldfish-shaped cookies, designed specifically for children 12 years and younger. The aureous ichthyans will come in chocolate, vanilla, graham and cinnamon graham flavors.

There's Always a Food Angle

At a recent MTV taping, the rap group Ultramagnetic MC's announced plans for a supermarket named Skillets, to feature a complete line of "black music foods": Ice-T Milk, Public Enemy Eggs, LL Cool J Yogurt, Cypress Hill Herbs and Spices, etc. It was a joke--but come to think of it, Cypress Hill does sound like a supermarket house brand.

Reading for Two

"A Guide to Eating Right During Pregnancy" (Doubleday: $2.99), by registered dietitian Susan Kagel Podell, is a pocket-sized guide to such expectancy subjects as wholesome menus, snacking, and caffeine and alcohol intake. It includes a pull-out chart showing fetal development month by month, and it's tested: Podell researched it during her own pregnancy.

No Warts? Eeeoo! Yucko!

Americans and Canadians prefer their pickling cucumbers with warts; Europeans prefer their pickles smooth.

Scented Hussies of the Bean Fields

One way to avoid using pesticides on green beans is to bait insect traps with corn borer pheromone, an aromatic chemical that female corn borers secrete to attract males. The point is not to put the male corn borers out of commission; it's to alert farmers that corn borers have shown up in the fields, so they can harvest the beans before any hungry caterpillars are born.

A Chicken in Your Cholesterol

Empire Kosher Poultry is introducing a line of kosher chicken hot dogs with half the fat of beef dogs. If you go out and have your cholesterol tested and send the company the results, Empire will send you a package of eight chicken dogs free. Send the results to Bubby, the World's Jewish Grandmother, c/o Empire Kosher Poultry, P.O. Box 165, Mifflintown, Pa. 17059.

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