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NEIGHBORS : 18-Year-Old From Ojai Takes Her Interest in Cinema to Paris : As part of the film club she founded at a university in France, transfer student Jena Starkes will line up a schedule of movies for screening this fall. Starkes is a European Studies major.


This fall, 18-year-old Jena Starkes of Ojai will be putting together a schedule of films to be shown at The American University of Paris, as part of the Esoteric Film Club she founded there.

Jena transferred to AUP last year from Ventura College and promptly got involved in movies. She became the film critic for The Planet , the AUP student newspaper, and next semester will take over as editor of the film column.

"Paris is a wonderful city for people who love the cinema," she says. "All the American movies are shown in English with French subtitles, and there's an incredible number of great films to see every day. The French are real moviegoers."

Her greatest journalistic coup so far was an interview with Jean-Marc Barr, star of the film, "Big Blue."

"I was waiting at the stage door of the French National Theater to ask for an interview," she says. "I couldn't believe it when he agreed right away to talk to me. Later, I found out that his sister had been at AUP."

Jena is a European studies major. She concentrates on philosophy, literature and the history of such cities as Vienna, Rome, Paris and Berlin.


For the folks over at KADY-TV, geography is an art rather than a science.

The cable station's recently launched Ventura County News Network, VCNN, sent out a press release announcing a new segment on parenting, hosted by Lisa Marie Nelson. The release said:

"The VCNN slogan is 'We Live Here,' and Nelson is a perfect example of that concept. An Agoura resident . . . "

A quick look at the map confirms that Agoura is still in Los Angeles County.

What's up?

"We've adopted them," said KADY president John Huddy. "People in Calabasas and Malibu also receive our broadcast, so we've adopted them as honorary Venturans too. We're contemplating whether to go to war and annex them, or quietly file custody papers in family court."


This next item is included as the Reality Check entry for this week:

Melynda Holm, a 14-year-old 4-H member from Somis, announced in a press release that whatever proceeds she gets from the three chickens she is raising will go into her college fund.

As if six drumsticks could satisfy the money-hungry appetite of a university education.

So we called Melynda for a reality check.

Melynda said that, based on previous auction prices for prize-winning Super Cornish White Feathered Cross chickens, she anticipates about $100 per bird.

We predict that Melynda's headed for business school.


The lawn at Judge Ed Beach's Santa Paula home has supported everything from kids to cows. This weekend, however, it will support a bit more.

The Beaches will host a fundraiser, open to the public, for the Ventura County Chamber Music orchestra. The benefit will feature cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, followed by a barbecue and jazz entertainment--all beneath the sycamore and oaks on their ample acreage.

The grassy venue has not always hosted gatherings of such taste and distinction. "We raised a large family here," said the judge. "Seven kids, and they used the lawn for their 4-H projects. I suppose at the most we had a couple of cattle and four lambs at a time." Beach said the carrying capacity of his lawn translates to about 300 humans. If you're interested in being one of them at the benefit, call 648-3146 for more information.

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