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Bang Bang

August 15, 1993

Regarding "Hollywood's Big-Bang Theorist," by Patrick Goldstein (Aug. 1):

After reading your article about "Demolition Man," I realized what scares Sylvester Stallone: film directors.

Judging by the way Stallone has always bashed the reputation of every director he has worked with, it becomes obvious that the shallow talent of this one-dimensional individual cannot meet the grade of a versatile actor.

My compliments to writer Goldstein for bringing out the obnoxious personalities of Stallone and producer Joel Silver. Obviously, these two loudmouths did not have the intellectual ability to absorb the lesson of crew- bashing comments by another of Silver's proteges: Bruce Willis.


Beverly Hills


I didn't mind "Whammo Man" Silver on the cover, but when the next nine pages of the Aug. 1 Calendar featured only men, I wondered if any women worked in show business.

That is Calendar's beat, isn't it? Or is it time to change the name of the section to Profiles of Men?


Sherman Oaks

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