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In Defense of the Need for Nursing Homes

August 15, 1993

* I take exception to Judith Jacovitz's put-down of nursing homes ("A Place You Want to Avoid," Aug. 1).

She objected to the "wheelchair lineup" in the hall. She should compliment the home for making the great effort to see that the patients receive some variety and social interaction when possible. Would Jacovitz have them stay isolated, tucked in their beds, which greatly increases the chance of bedsores?

Jacovitz took three paragraphs to describe the peaceful death of her roommate. Death does occur in nursing homes.

Why was she so offended? Everyone does not have the patience that working in a nursing home demands. I find myself snapping at my own mother, who is 94.

Jacovitz stated that the worst part was the loss of will and dignity. The same thing happens in hospitals.

The home is not to blame for problems. The illness is, or perhaps the patients' children.

She did a great harm to everyone who needs a nursing home when she stated that she would rather die than go back.



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