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OXNARD : Plan for Photo Radar System OKd

August 18, 1993|MATTHEW MOSK

The Oxnard City Council voted Tuesday to move forward with a plan to reduce the size of the traffic force by replacing officers with machines that would clock and photograph speeders.

The photo radar system is intended to reduce personnel costs, though it will require the hiring of several civilians to operate it. Police have not determined how much the system will save the city.

"It will definitely serve as a great deterrent to speeders," Police Chief Harold Hurtt said. "Speeding is not an insignificant problem in Oxnard."

Hurtt said 18% of traffic accidents were the result of speeding. But officers in Oxnard's traffic division have mixed feelings about the device.

"It would certainly cut down the speeding violations, but it is limited in its use," Traffic Sgt. George Pultz said. "It doesn't deal with other violations that cause accidents, and I don't think it could take the place of human beings."

Tuesday's vote will allow city staff members to further investigate the potential savings and problems associated with the photo radar system.

"I'm glad we're looking into it," Hurtt said. "People should know that we're serious about the speed issue."

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