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August 19, 1993|CHARLES PERRY

Cooking As If Time Mattered

Land O'Lakes has a somewhat involved scheme that could save cooks time as well as money. As you prepare one dietarily correct meal, you're automatically getting the ingredients ready for the next two. Two of these sets of interlocking meals (calling, of course, for Land O'Lakes Light Sour Cream) are spelled out in a guide that you can get free if you send your name and address, preferably on a postcard, to Land O'Lakes Light Sour Cream, Land O'Lakes Inc., P.O. Box 26341, Shoreview, Minn. 55126-0341; or telephone (800) 782-9602.

Real Men Eat Cauliflower

The Produce for Better Health Foundation is a joint program of the National Cancer Institute and the produce industry, two outfits that want us to eat more produce. The foundation recently queried the National Football League teams and found all but one of the 28 trainers volunteering that players are eating more fruits and vegetables these days. In camp, pro ball players average six servings of fruits or vegetables a day. (The National Cancer Institute recommends five; the average American manages three.)

Chug That Salsa

Campbell Soup Co. is introducing a new version of V8 Juice: V8 Picante. In pepper-aware supermarkets.

La Cuisine du Rock

"The Rock & Roll Cookbook" (General Publishing: Santa Monica, $14.99) has high credentials, having been compiled by '50s stars Dick and Dee Dee with ex-groupie Pamela Des Barres. Along with photos and profiles of a lot of stars, it gives 95 favorite rockers' recipes: Paul Anka's tabbouleh, the Kingsmen's clam chowder, Frank Zappa's burnt weenie sandwiches, Linda Ronstadt's corn muffins, Belinda Carlisle's hot-and-spicy cauliflower. Mostly it's vernacular American food (often Southern, of course), though INXS contributes a spicy Thai fish dish. Proceeds benefit the National Music Foundation, a sort of retired rockers' home plus library of American music, performance center and museum. In bookstores.

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