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Private Citizens Find Parallels in Public Personas

August 19, 1993

Famed for their talents, actions or attitudes, celebrities become symbols of qualities valued in our culture. High Life asks, "If you were to describe yourself as a celebrity, who would it be and why?"

"Pauly Shore, because he's different, and it's O.K. for him to be different."

Melissa Birkhole, 15, sophomore, Sunny Hills High School

"Ian Ziering from 'Beverly Hills, 90210,' because people say I look like him."

James Comfort, 15, sophomore, Costa Mesa

"Eddie Murphy, because I'm dirty and I'm funny."

Robert Villegas, 16, junior, Century

"Kevin Costner, because he's cool like me."

Joe Fogel, 16, junior, Pacifica

"Susan B. Anthony, because she was independent and strove for women's rights."

Shannon Murphy, 16, senior, Rosary

"Ryne Sandberg, because he's a great baseball player. I used to play second base, and he used to be my idol. He's someone I wish I could be."

Matt MacFarland, 17, senior, Fullerton Union

"Hacksaw Jim Duggin, because he's muscular and proud of his country."

Robert Allen, 15, junior, Pacifica

"Sergei Bubka, because we're both pole-vaulters."

Jason Johnson, 17, senior, Orange

"Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, because I love working on computers and I'm very creative."

Brian Anderson, 14, freshman, El Toro

"Chuck Norris, because I take karate and I like it."

Heather Corn, 14, freshman, El Toro

"Juliette Lewis, because she's more individualistic than other celebrities."

Nicole Barker, 15, sophomore, Newport Harbor

"Christian Slater, because I smile like him and I talk like him."

Kevin Stovall, 17, junior, Costa Mesa

"Michael Jordan, because he doesn't give up. I don't quit in my games either."

Juan Dotson, 14, freshman, Orange

"Janet Jackson, because she's really down-to-earth, but she's really successful and knows what she wants in life."

Barbara Demman, 16, senior, Rosary

"Robin Williams, because he's funny and he likes to make people laugh."

Sean Murphy, 14, sophomore, Servite

"Barbra Streisand, because she's interested in more than just fame and she puts her views out to the public, and she uses her fortune for good rather than for selfish purposes."

Chelsea Hoffman, 16, senior, Fullerton Union

"Axl Rose, because he's crazy."

Brent Hunter, 16, junior, Orange

"Winona Ryder, because she's a free thinker."

Emily Keeler, 15, sophomore, Troy

"Tom Cruise, because he's popular and I like his movies."

Craig Kump, 14, freshman, Canyon

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