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Stacking Up Sales

August 20, 1993

Total album and single sales of CDs and cassettes for the week ended Aug. 15, compared to week-ago and year-ago levels, in thousands of units sold: Latest week Albums: 10,459 Singles: 2,662

*Week-ago Albums: 10,556 Singles: 2,816

*Year-ago Albums: 10,163 Singles: 2,478

Atop the Charts

The biggest-selling albums and most popular singles--based on sales or radio airplay--for a range of musical categories, for the week ended Aug. 15. Both are indicators of music company performance. ALBUMS

Rank Category Title Artist last wk. Label Overall Sleepless in Soundtrack 2 Epic Seattle Christian/ Le Voyage Sandi Patti 2* Word Contemp. Country A Lot About Livin' Alan Jackson 1 Arista Gospel It Remains to Miss. Mass 1* Malaco Be Seen Choir Latin/Pop Mi Tierra Gloria Estefan 1 Epic New Artists Show Me Love Robin S. 3 Big Beat R&B Black Sunday Cypress Hill 1 Ruffhouse

Parent Category company Overall Sony Christian/ Polygram Contemp. Country BMG Gospel Malaco Latin/Pop Sony New Artists Time Warner R&B Sony


Rank Category Title Artist last wk. Label Overall Whoomp! Tag Team 1 Life/ (There It Is) Bellmark Contemporary I Don't Wanna Tina Turner 1 Virgin Fight Country Why Didn't Doug Stone 6 Epic I Think of That Dance If Janet Jackson 4 Virgin Latin Mi Tierra Gloria Estefan 1 Epic R&B Check Yo Self Ice Cube 1 Priority Rap Insane Cypress Hill 1 Ruffhouse in the Brain Album rock Cryin' Aerosmith 1 Geffen track Modern rock Soul to Red Hot Chili 1 Warner track Squeeze Peppers Bros.

Parent Category company Overall EMI Contemporary EMI Country Sony Dance EMI Latin Sony R&B EMI Rap Sony Album rock MCA track Modern rock Time Warner track

* Ranking from two weeks ago

Sources: Soundscan Inc., Billboard magazine

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