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SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO : Car Dealership Gets City Waiver for Sign

August 20, 1993|T. CHRISTIAN MILLER

A decision to allow a car dealership to install a sign four times taller than the normal limit has angered some business owners.

The city has long had an ordinance restricting the height of roadside signs to under six feet. But the City Council this week waived that limit to allow the Weseloh car dealership to erect a sign 25 feet high next to Interstate 5.

Business owners complained at a public hearing that the dealership was being given special treatment.

"We feel we should have the opportunity to put up a similar sign," said Roger Le Blanc, representing the Coach House, a local nightclub.

Weseloh's general manager said the sign is necessary to attract people to the business on 33949 Doheny Park Road, which, unlike other nearby dealerships, is not directly next to Interstate 5.

"We need some way to direct people down to where we're at," said Dale MacAtee. "Without the sign, we don't have a dealership."

After a short debate, council members agreed with MacAtee, saying that in tough economic times, the city should help out local businesses.

"I know that people are hurting and are in desperate situations," Mayor Gil Jones said before voting in favor of the waiver.

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