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Want to Give Internet a Look-See? Here Are Some Starting Points


With its arcane commands and addresses, the Internet can be daunting to the average person.

But the government, eager to fuel Internet use by businesses and individuals, is offering a new service to help ease the pain. Internic, a collaboration of AT&T's Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, General Atomics in San Diego and Network Solutions Inc. in Herdon, Va., was created this year to help speed Internet use among non-technical subscribers.

If you want to subscribe to the Internet or need help understanding how it works, your first call should be to Internic (800-444-4345). The Internic reference desk offers introductory materials and hints on using the network. It can also refer you to the more than three dozen commercial services selling Internet access.

Among those services are:

* Uunet, a Virginia-based company, offers businesses leased-line access to the Internet through its Alternet service; 800-488-6383.

* PSI Net, also in Virginia, offers leased line Internet access worldwide; 800-827-7482.

* ANS. This Michigan company also offers worldwide Internet access; 313-663-7610.

* Sprintlink. Sprint, the long-distance telephone carrier, offers worldwide Internet connections; 703-904-2230.

Businesses and individuals in California can also get Internet access through:

* Netcom; 408-554-8649

* Cerfnet; 800-876-2373 or 619-455-3900

* Barrnet; 415-723-7520

* The Well; 415-332-4335

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