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Smokers Have Become a Persecuted Minority

August 22, 1993

* The nonsmokers have again succeeded with their wrath of vengeance.

They succeeded by having laws passed that forbid smoking in city, county, state and federal buildings. They had laws passed that forbid smoking on airplanes. They persuaded companies to have no-smoking offices and office buildings.

They had laws passed that forbid smoking on airplanes. They pass laws that continuously increase the tax on cigarettes, making us spend more per pack.

Now they pass a law forbidding smoking in restaurants (Valley Commentary, Aug. 15).

We smokers have become a persecuted minority. We have been shunned, criticized and set apart. I say it is time we smokers fight back. Since we are outnumbered and since writing our council members will probably do no good, there is only one way to fight.

Every smoker in Los Angeles County should boycott all restaurants affected by this new law for a period of 30 days, starting now. They should ask friends who feel this law is unfair to boycott also, and their friends.

The loss of millions of dollars of revenue by restaurants due to this boycott will force restaurant owners to fight for a repeal of this law. The large loss of sales tax revenue will force the state to put pressure on the City Council to repeal this law.

If smokers do nothing, the wrath and vengeance of the nonsmokers will continue until one day, smoking a cigarette will be a crime.



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