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CSUN Does Not Offer Instruction in Tagging

August 22, 1993

* If Cal State Northridge were indeed offering tagging instruction for teachers, Elmyra Lam (Letters, Aug. 8) would be right to object.

We can assure you that no such course was or is offered.

In fact, Cal State Northridge has been actively involved in an anti-graffiti campaign for some time. Our visual arts students have contributed, as class projects, billboard and poster designs for the Los Angeles Board of Public Works' anti-graffiti campaign.

Several of these designs were used by Operation Clean Sweep and also by the RTD.

Unfortunately, the Times reporter chose to feature one short-term activity within a two-week institute for teachers, sponsored by the California Arts Project, without context.

The activity was in no way an affirmation of tagging but was part of an exploration of artistic processes, some of which indeed are not played out in socially acceptable ways.

We are disappointed that a balanced view of what actually took place was not presented.




Shamrock is a CSUN music professor and acting director of the Mid-South California Arts Project. Toutant is associate dean of CSUN's School of the Arts.

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