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EL SERENO : Signal Installed at Site of Fatal Accident

August 22, 1993|MARY ANNE PEREZ

After more than two years of requests by residents, the city last week installed a traffic signal at Huntington Drive and Rosemead Avenue, where a 10-year-old boy was struck by a car and killed in April.

Residents had requested the signal because of several accidents and near-accidents at that intersection, said David Duran, president of the El Sereno Coordinating Council. It is particularly busy because students from El Sereno Elementary School cross Huntington Drive to reach a fast-food restaurant and other businesses, Duran said.

Residents had filed a petition with the city two years ago to install the light and it was approved one year ago by the City Council.

But the death of Guillermo Silva on April 20--while he was crossing Huntington Drive with his brother, sister and cousin--brought an increase in calls for the city to expedite the process.

"This was badly needed and long overdue," Duran said. "This shows that if the community cares, you can get something done."

Residents also raised $5,000 for the Silva family, who buried Guillermo in Michoacan, Mexico.

After the accident, the city hired crossing guards for the intersection until the signal was installed.

Now, Duran said, residents will begin pushing for traffic signals at other crossings on Huntington Drive because of similar concerns.

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