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A Perspective on the Dangers of Drowning

August 22, 1993

I am prompted to write to you after reading the article about the 2-year-old near-drowning victim (San Gabriel Valley edition, Aug. 8).

Our family suffered a similar tragedy May 5, also in the city of Glendora. We were told some horrifying statistics, including the following:

* Drowning is the leading cause of death for children between 1 and 4 years of age in Los Angeles County and California.

* Approximately 700 near-drownings were reported in Los Angeles County from 1988-1991.

* Los Angeles County is one of the leading counties in deaths per capita. San Gabriel Valley as a sub-group is particularly high.

* Drownings and near-drownings are increasing.

I am hoping that the statistics in our area could improve with the public being educated about how to secure their pools; what it means to "watch the children" around a pool; and what safety devices are available.

These accidents are occurring at a rate of nearly one per week during the past several months and with some information, I believe some of them could be prevented.



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