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'Seinfeld's' Insensitivity

August 22, 1993

While making fun of ethnic stereotypes in the entertainment media can be accepted once in awhile with sporting spirit, "Seinfeld" (NBC, July 22) deserves condemnation. It was nauseating.

Seinfeld's ex-girlfriend Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) listens with amusement to a goiter-inflicted old lady narrating her amorous experiences with Mohandas K. Gandhi. It seems she used to soak his bald pate with oil and he would then rub it all over her body.

To emphasize what brilliant comedy is, Seinfeld's friend George (Jason Alexander) at the end of the program proceeds to teach a girl from Senegal how this is done.

The fact that "Seinfeld" is way down in the evolutionary scale does not bother me. What hurts is the lack of sensitivity found in some people I know who viewed this program. If the character had been Abraham Lincoln it would have been different. Gandhi? It's funny! Who is he anyway?

Hem Chaudhuri, Lake Forest

No Fun on 'Saturday Night'

"Saturday Night Live's" (NBC) current brand of sophomoric, scatological comedy is deplorable. After staying with the July 24 show for awhile, we turned it off. I felt like I needed a shower.

What has happened to that program? It used to be funny, clever and not emanating from a sewer. It seems it's time to clean house and start all over with new writers, etc.

Mrs. I.B. Merles, Costa Mesa

Fox's 'Comedy' Escape

With all the tension, stress, crime and other negative news bombarding us daily, it is refreshing to be able to escape for an hour or so with Fox's "Comedy Showcase." There's nothing like a good laugh to neutralize the realities of the world.

Gary Traxler, Oxnard

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