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August 23, 1993|Staff and Wire Reports

A look at the events that led to Sunday's penalties imposed by the Pacific 10 Conference:

* Nov. 5, 1992--Newspaper reports that University of Washington quarterback Billy Joe Hobert received $50,000 in possibly improper loans from an Idaho businessman.

* Nov. 10, 1992--Hobert suspended pending an investigation into the loans.

* Nov. 12, 1992--A three-member Pac-10 conference committee recommends the Huskies not have to forfeit any of the eight games in which Hobert played in this season.

* Nov. 15, 1992--Thirty-member Pac-10 Council meets to consider Hobert case, also recommends no game forfeitures.

* Dec. 9, 1992--Newspaper reports that boosters provided cars, jobs and other benefits to University of Washington football players in apparent violation of NCAA rules.

* Dec. 11, 1992--University of Washington President William Gerberding announces he will hire an outside counsel to investigate Washington's athletic department.

* June 20, 1993--Pac 10 Conference sends University of Washington notice of charges listing allegations of NCAA rules violations.

* July 30, 1993--University of Washington responds to conference notice of charges, admitting some violations but denying others.

* Aug. 9-10, 1993--Pac-10 Compliance and Enforcement Committee meets to review charges; findings and recommendations of the committee to be presented to Conference Council.

* Aug. 21, 1993--Pac-10 Council meets to review compliance committee findings, penalties and corrective actions.

* Aug. 22, 1993--Chief Executive Officers Group of Pac-10 holds telephone conference call to receive recommendations and affirm or amend council recommendations. Penalties announced.

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