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How Can We Raise TV to Finer Purpose?

August 24, 1993

It would be hypocritical for an industry to deny that TV can strongly persuade and influence its audience while, at the same time, that industry courts advertisers for income ("TV Violence Summit: A War of Words," Aug. 4). We should not spend our time debating whether TV violence exacerbates crime. The real question is, how can one of mankind's greatest inventions be used more beneficially?

For many, TV is the main source of education and information. Would it make sense for our schools and colleges to dedicate more than half their courses to committing violence? Of course not.

There is no easy answer when the engine of commercial TV is the dollar. It drives producers to create for profit at the expense of the healthy growth of humanity. Using the First Amendment as a rationale to fill TV producers' pockets is not what our forefathers had in mind. Maybe we can wake up and raise this wonderful means of communication to a finer and more rewarding purpose.


Los Angeles

Save the Anthem!

Martin Bernheimer has struck again! In his review July 29 ("Bell, Isserlis Double the Pleasure at Hollywood Bowl"), he suggested that our "Star-Spangled Banner" need not be played at the start of each performance of a Bowl concert. Fie, Mr. Bernheimer!

Some years ago, a number of Hollywood Bowl volunteers "saved" the flying of the American flag at the Bowl via a letter and telephone campaign. Might we have to mount another such operation to save our national anthem?


Pacific Palisades

Great American Concert

Did Don Heckman see the same Hollywood Bowl performance that I did? ("Grey's Mixed Results From America's Past at Bowl," Aug. 9.)

Excuse me, but the applause he generated was far from "tepid"-- very enthusiastic and appreciated might be better words.

Did Heckman stay for the fireworks, one of the most spectacular displays ever at the Bowl? I am a regular Bowl patron, and this performance was one of the best in recent memory!


Los Angeles

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