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A Cookie to Beg for

August 26, 1993|KATHIE JENKINS

Feeling guilty about leaving Max at home while she was out selling real estate, Tracy Robinson stopped at the store on her way home to buy him a bag of cookies. She frowned when she read the label. Half the ingredients listed were unrecognizable.

"I thought, 'I'm Italian, we're all good cooks, let me see what I can do,' " says Robinson. "So I looked around to see what was in the cupboard." She found whole-wheat flour, eggs, Parmesan cheese. To that, she added bouillon, Italian spices and garlic.

A weird cookie, but Max loved them. After all, he is a dog. His pals tried the cookies and began yapping for more. Soon Robinson gave up real estate for real cookies. Today she sells them mainly by mail and out of her small Florida storefront shop. One wealthy customer sends boxes of the gourmet cookies to the Virgin Islands every month.

Robinson's all-natural canine cookies come in a variety of shapes: Everyday (dogs & hydrants); Florida (whales, alligators, palm trees); Halloween (pumpkin, bats, ghosts), and Hanukkah (dreidels, menorahs, Star of David). etc. A 10-ounce box costs $6.50 plus $3.50 UPS charge shipping (for up to two pounds) to the same address. If your dog doesn't like them, your friends might.

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