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Celebration Will Be a Moving Experience

August 26, 1993|ANNE LOUISE BANNON

Naomi Goldberg of Los Angeles Modern Dance and Ballet believes that not enough people are exposed to dance.

So her company, which is in residence at the Hollywood Los Feliz Jewish Community Center, is having "Dance Day '93: A Celebration of Dance for the Community," on Sunday.

"More than anything, it's a way we can work more closely with the community center and with the dance community," Goldberg said. "A primary mission of the company is to broaden dance experiences through a diverse community to create a wider general audience for dance."

The day comprises 12 hours of classes, workshops, lectures, demonstrations and videos. There will also be live music. Classes will cover a wide variety of topics including movement for people with disabilities, theatrical movement and social dances such as swing, ballroom and country and Western.

And there will be a performance, too, by Los Angeles Modern Dance and Ballet.

But why should more people be exposed to dance?

"Because dance is a primary artistic expression," Goldberg said. "Throughout history, it's been the baby of art forms. Dance develops a particular consciousness about the body. It's important to get in touch with our bodies and feel our bodies as a source of expression. . . . Our bodies are our first expression of intention, even before language."

Although participants should come dressed to move, Goldberg emphasized that there will be something for everybody. And if you're not comfortable with how you move, that's OK too.

"The classes are short enough that by the time you feel uncomfortable, it'll be over and you can try another one," she said.

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the center, 1110 Bates Ave., Los Feliz. Tickets are $5. Children 15 and younger and senior citizens are free. Lowcost child care is available, as well as some classes for them.

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