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Arts Patron May Follow Theater's Flight

August 26, 1993

When I moved to Southern California from New York in October, 1974, I located in Glendale. I was living (as my friends would joke) in a "cup of yogurt," for all the culture that could be found in Glendale.

Outside of a community theater, Glendale didn't have much of anything very sophisticated in the way of the arts. The city saw more and more buildings go up, and a giant shopping mall, but still it had no professional theater to put into those buildings.

I moved to Silver Lake in 1980, not far from the Colony Studio Theatre, a gem of a theater I discovered a few years earlier. Now that L.A. has gotten more and more filthy, graffitied and crime-infested, and the prestigious Colony looks like it will be moving to Glendale, I will surely be pulling up stakes and moving back to Glendale.

Congratulations to the Glendale City Council and Redevelopment Agency for a very wise and forward-thinking decision. With the Colony as a new resident (and the Alex Theatre and A Noise Within), Glendale is now, at last, going to be a clean, safe and distinguished mecca for culture in Southern California.

It should make everyone proud.


Los Angeles

Editor's note: A story in the July 22 Glendale section of The Times indicated that Glendale was one of three cities, including Burbank and Pasadena, trying to lure the theatrical group. No decision has been made.

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