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High Life: A Weekly Forum for High School Students : What Curfew Cuts Short

August 26, 1993

While some teen-agers might view a curfew as a barricade against long nights of carefree fun, others seem to have reached a comfortable agreement with their parents on the subject.

Hot Topics asks, "When is your curfew, and what would you do if you had a later curfew?"

"I don't have a curfew. I usually don't stay out past 1 or 2 because all my friends have gone to bed and I have stuff to do in the morning."

Sara Waltman, 17, senior, El Toro.

"9 p.m. I'd go to the movies."

Devon Bolton, 14, freshman, Los Alamitos.

"12 a.m. I would go toilet-papering all the houses of the boys at Calvary Chapel High School!"

Robyn Calhoon, 16, junior, Calvary Chapel High School.

"I don't really have a curfew. I just have to tell my parents when I'll be home, so I can stay out as late as I want."

Jodi Dienstag, 14, sophomore, Los Alamitos.

"Midnight. I'd probably be home at the same time, because there's nothing to do that late at night."

Carol Van Treese, 15, sophomore, Trabuco Hills.

"12 a.m. I would party harder."

Michelle Donellan, 15, sophomore, Edison.

"Around 12. I'd probably do the same things I'd do before 12, like go to coffee with my friends."

Michelle LaVoie, 17, senior, Santa Margarita.

"11:30. I'd probably drive into Laguna and not have to worry about being back on time."

Allen Stetson, 16, junior, Capistrano Valley.

"10:30 p.m. I would probably just hang out with my friends, maybe at Huntington or Newport."

Stacey Kitano, 16, junior, Pacifica.

"Midnight. Probably go to more parties or hang out with my friends more. Maybe go to Main Street, Huntington Beach, or hang out at someone's house."

Apryl Meszaros, 17, senior, Pacifica.

"Between 10 and 12. I would probably . . . hang out at Denny's or at a friend's house."

Sarah Austin, 15, sophomore, Los Alamitos.

"It varies. It depends on what I'm doing and where I'm going. I don't think a curfew is necessary, depending on what you are doing."

Aimee von Guenthner, 17, senior, Santa Margarita.

"I don't have a set curfew. Usually it's around 1 a.m. I think it's an OK curfew, and I don't mind it."

Rocky McGowen, 15, junior, El Toro.

"It ranges from 12:30 to 1 a.m. I would just stay out and dance later."

Mandana Malek, 16, senior, El Toro.

"My curfew is midnight or later, as long as I call. I'd probably be at a friend's house or somewhere with friends."

Monika Bickert, 17, senior, El Toro.

"12:30. I'd stay out later, going to more parties and stuff."

Chris Smith, 15, junior, El Modena.

"1 a.m. If I had a later curfew, I'd stay out at my friend's house later."

Ben Fischel, 16, junior, Santa Margarita.

"Midnight. If I had a later curfew, I'd probably be home around midnight anyway, because there's not that much to do around here."

Lindsay Overman, 17, senior, El Toro.

"12. I wouldn't do anything different; I would just spend more time doing what I'm doing. I don't see a real need to stay out all night."

Becky Hsiao, 17, senior, Mission Viejo.

"I don't really stay out that late, usually. (Curfew is) around 9 or 10 p.m. I would just hang out with my friends later."

Nicole Wallace, 14, freshman, El Toro.

"12. I'd just go out and stay later hanging out with friends."

Laura Bird, 17, senior, Los Alamitos.

"Around 2 a.m. My parents are pretty cool about stuff. It's late enough, so I don't have to worry about it."

Phil Toomey, 17, senior, El Toro.

"12 a.m. If it was later, I'd go down to a beach or somewhere where there's a party."

Jacqueline Lang, 16, junior, Los Alamitos.

"I don't have a curfew. I just go over to friends' houses and stuff."

Josephine King, 13, freshman, Los Alamitos.

"Between 11:30 and 12. I would party longer and harder."

Stacey Zilker, 15, sophomore, Edison.

Responses to this week's question were gathered by Trisha Ginsburg.

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