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Turnover of Staff at Ruth Galanter's Office

August 26, 1993

I read the Aug. 8 story regarding Councilwoman Ruth Galanter's firing of one of her deputies. Given the sorry state of affairs here in Los Angeles, I'd like to give Richard Riordan a chance to turn things around. Consequently, I think the deputy who was fired should give the new mayor more of a chance to prove himself and keep his campaign promises.

But I also think the councilwoman should have given her employee more than the back of her hand at the drop of a politically motivated hat. Clearly, he was someone who had done a lot of good work for her and her constituents over a long period of time and deserved better treatment.

We could use more good sense and compassion in politics. But this latest Galanter personnel snafu suggests we shouldn't expect them to be coming from her direction.


Santa Monica


It seems as if every time we turn around another one of Ruth Galanter's key staff people is suddenly cleaning out his or her desk on Friday afternoon. All too often, these are people who have done most of the work on an important issue or project for which Galanter will seek credit come reelection time.

In 1995, when Galanter has to run again, it will be interesting to see whether she'll have any new achievements to point to that are the products of her efforts since this summer, when she decimated the ranks of her own loyal, hard-working staff.



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