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Wilson's Remarks

August 27, 1993

* It appears that some people and The Times misunderstood my remarks about Gov. Wilson ("Wilson Defiant Over Immigration Issue," Aug. 19).

I would have said the same thing even if he were six feet tall.

The circumstances were that I was not in Room 1190 when Wilson was holding his news conference. I was outside in the hallway and the door was closed.

As the reporters came out they immediately started asking me about Wilson's comment. My first thought and reaction was that I was surprised a governor would talk like a staff person.

His remarks about Bill Press and me kissing his rear end, in my opinion, did not meet the height and stature of the governor of the largest state.

The first thing I thought of, I said: It is the sign of a little man.

After that, other questions came and then it was back to the "rear-end" remark. I said I was too tall for him.


Political Director

California Democratic Party

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