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August 27, 1993|ROSE APODACA

K Is for Kool

Want boots that won't kick the stuffing out of your pocketbook? Check out the granny boots with mini platform soles at K Mart. They're part of the discount chain's efforts to show young fashion slaves that K Mart's merchandise is cheap and trendy. Part of the campaign's motto? The boots are "grunge approved." Made of a man-made, suede-like fabric, the boots sell for $23 for the nine-hole and $30 for the 15. A sale through Saturday cuts $7 off the regular price.

Sharp as Ever

Her clothes might seem timeless, but designer Holly Sharp's label is only 10 years old. To commemorate, she's assembled photos and ads spanning the decade. "I'm really happy that there's been a real feminine look consistent throughout. Even more, that we've grown but kept the business close to home," says the Corona del Mar resident. Check out the retrospective and her fall collection debuting today at her Laguna Beach, Del Mar and CDM boutiques. Sharp will be on hand at the CDM store Saturday to personally help patrons with their shopping.

Function Over Fashion

It shades. It floats. It's made in Laguna Beach. It's the oh-so incredible Digi 180 Sportlens System ($49.95). Its brochure touts total vision protection by completely "sealing eyes" and "combatting" the sun with full UV protection. The shades attach to a spongy visor with Velcro that is also used to wrap the whole contraption around the head--even over prescription glasses. Yeah, it works--if you don't mind looking like a robot.

Punk Rock Revisited

Whoever said '93 is the year of looking natural? Hair that's fire red, green, blue and purple is the rage among young suburbanites who were still in diapers during punk's first wave. Rack N Ruin in Lake Forest can't keep the wild dyes ($9 a jar) in stock. Owner Steve Wagoner says he sells about 30 jars of the dye a week--some to parents who are buying it for Junior. Parents "get used to seeing bands on MTV with crazy hair," he says. So why don't shades of flamingo pink, daffodil or coral red sell as well as the others? "The other colors are basically pretty ugly," Wagoner says.

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