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Religious Revivals

August 29, 1993

* In reference to the column "Religious Revivals of Limited Value," Aug. 24, by Benjamin J. Hubbard: Ben, Ben, Ben! It's not about feeling good and it's not about doing good. It's about introducing people (young and old) to a way of life that brings about significant change--not only in the eternal sense but right now in our communities and our world.

Down through the centuries, religious converts have been responsible for more "good" than can be enumerated in this brief letter. C'mon--you know that!



* As I understand it, Prof. Hubbard finds limited value for society in the Harvest Crusade and the Pope's visit. I read him wondering for a cure for the distresses and aches of our world. But is the volunteerism he espouses the answer?

A man wiser than myself once said, "The spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor, and to heal the brokenhearted." Come on now, our aches and distresses are indications of a deeper problem. We have a society with a broken heart. And the symptoms abound.

If God has a desire for healing the men, the women, the youth wounded in the very center of their souls, then I say we get with his program. I say this Jesus, not religion nor government spending nor man's programs, has the healing for our nation's heart. And if this Greg, or Chuck, or the Pope point the youth in the direction of restoration of their (selves,) then the health of America and society can't be far behind.


Huntington Beach

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