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Assemblyman Speaks With Forked Tongue

August 29, 1993

* I read with interest your story "Katz Now Backs Breakup of L.A. School District."

When Assemblyman Katz's tenure in government is over, it's nice to know he'll have a job at the International House of Waffles.



* It's clear that Richard Katz has no conscience.

He was quoted in a newspaper on March 11, 1993, as saying that a Los Angeles school district breakup would "send the wrong message for part of the city to cut and run when we're trying to put the city back together."

He also said, "My position on the L.A. Unified proposal has been clear since Day 1." Well, it must be Day 2.

Obviously, Mr. Katz, who must give up his seat because of term limits, is now positioning for state Sen. David Roberti's seat. Assemblyman Katz holds the public in such disdain that he thinks that he can "fool all of the people all of the time."


Van Nuys

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