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Man Seized in Racial Incident at Supermarket


A Glendale man arrested for allegedly stamping white supremacist messages in notebooks at a supermarket in Covina may also have been responsible for similar crimes at stores in Burbank and Sunland as well as other Covina stores, police said Sunday.

Allan E. Carlson, 29, of Glendale was arrested Friday on suspicion of malicious mischief after security guards at a Lucky Food Center in Covina caught him stamping the message "Earth's most endangered species: the white race, help preserve it" along with a phone number on about 30 notebooks, said Sgt. Jim Mangiapane of the Covina Police Department. He was cited and released, police said.

About 180 notebooks with the same stamped message and phone number were pulled from shelves of K mart stores in Burbank and Sunland on Aug. 21.

Officials at a Thrifty drugstore in Covina reported that about 90 of their notebooks had been similarly stamped, and officials at a Target department store in Covina reported finding the same message stamped on several notebooks, Mangiapane said.

Police found a list with about 30 store names, including Thrifty and Target, when they searched Carlson's car.

Carlson will probably not be charged with the stamping at Thrifty and Target because there were no witnesses, Mangiapane said.

Also found in the car were two additional self-inking rubber stamps with the same racist message and white supremacist propaganda, Mangiapane said.

Police believe the phone number stamped in the notebooks is the number for the Glendale chapter of the White Aryan Resistance group.

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