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Dysfunctional City

September 01, 1993

Your article of Aug. 22, "City Planner Takes Aim at Home-Based Businesses," should have been titled "Thousand Oaks: The City That Time Forgot" or "Welcome to Germany, Circa 1939."

I have to commend you for keeping the citizens of Thousand Oaks well-informed on all the underhanded control ordinances that our Planning Commission and City Council are trying to put into law.

It is time for a citizens' revolt in Thousand Oaks. The City Council seems to be totally out of control with its Beverly Hills spending of our dollars and with its Hitler tactics of controlling every phase of our daily lives.

If council members want to rid Thousand Oaks of population, they are going about it in the right manner. They are building a new city hall that advisory ballots told them not to build.

They demanded that Circuit City lower its height, and yet they are building a larger white elephant that totally blocks out the view.

They want to put demands on much-needed day-care centers because they want control. This ordinance is so open-ended that if the inspector has a bad day, the center would be closed due to whim.

Our City Council is so dysfunctional that I'm surprised its members make it to the meetings.

Carol Doering

Thousand Oaks

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