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Sierra Madre : Compensation for McRea

September 02, 1993

The City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a compensation package for the city administrator who resigned last week amid controversy over how he managed city funds.

James E. McRea, 53, will receive six months of salary worth $31,746, six months of health benefits, payment for unused vacation and sick leave, and use of city offices for three months, officials said.

In return, McRea has agreed not to take legal action against the city over his departure, officials said. He will act as a consultant until a new administrator is appointed.

Mayor Clem L. Bartolai said the council decided McRea deserved compensation for his 22 years of service to the city. All five council members praised McRea's commitment to the city over the years.

"His intent and dedication has outweighed any mistakes he made," Councilman Gary B. Adams said.

Last week, McRea said he was resigning in the best interests of the community. He denied accusations by a citizens group that he mismanaged city funds and said he would be cleared by a special audit and report by the city attorney expected to be presented Sept. 14 to the council.

The auditors, Edwards, Eichel & Berenek, have found carelessness but no criminal wrongdoing.

Council members voted unanimously to appoint Sean Joyce, assistant city administrator, as interim city administrator until Oct. 12.

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