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Run of Bonito Makes It Successful Week for Anglers

September 02, 1993|DAN STANTON

It was another good week for local anglers, who caught plenty of bonito, yellowtail and calico bass.

The run of bonito was perhaps the biggest news. Bonito have been difficult to catch this summer, but anglers reported good catches from local waters to the outer islands.

Anglers using live squid and anchovies for bait caught plenty of yellowtail. The 22nd Street Landing boat Grande went to the Channel Islands and returned to San Pedro with a bait tank full of squid.

Last weekend, the Grande went to Catalina. With squid for bait, anglers caught half to full limits of calico bass.


Anglers aboard Redondo Sportfishing's half-day and three-quarter-day boats have been catching between eight and 10 bonito per trip.

L.A. Harbor's Sportking returned Monday from Catalina with 73 bonito, plus yellowtail and sheephead.

Ray Torres of Torrance caught a 15-pound yellowtail and Bill Cox of Wilmington landed a 12-pound sheephead.

The Marina del Rey Sportfishing's Del Mar has been working the Rock Point area with success.

According to Captain Rick Offinger, yellowtail are being taken on bait and jigs.

Bruce Kelley of Venice caught a 41-pound yellowtail. Richard Fakai of from Venice landed a 28-pounder.


L.A. Harbor's First String was at San Nicholas Island on Sunday and Monday and anglers caught limits of rock cod and lingcod.

Schools of bonito surfaced and 25 were landed, including a 12-pounder that was caught by Brian Hause of Torrance.

Two Torrance anglers also caught halibut. Pat Conklin, using a strip of mackerel for bait, caught a 35-pounder. Don Warren's flattie weighed 31 1/2 pounds.


Tuna and dorado have been scarce at Tanner and Cortez banks.

The El Dorado and Islander of 22nd Street Landing returned Monday from Cortez Bank with six bluefin tuna and limits of rockfish.


San Clemente Island is rated good for calico bass and yellowtail.

Anglers aboard Long Beach Sportfishing's Toronado returned with limits of calico bass. Seven yellowtail were also landed, but several were able to break free by running into the kelp.

Richard Arno of Long Beach caught a 29-pound yellowtail.


Unusual catches: On the Isle of Redondo Barge Sunday, a six-pound silver salmon was caught by Manhattan Beach angler Mike Johnston.

L.A. Harbor's First String was trolling off the east end of Catalina Friday when a fish that appeared to be a tuna was brought aboard. Skipper Lloyd Harris identified it as a Kwa Kawa.

According to Larry Fukhara of the Cabrillo Marine Museum, the Kwa Kawa is a species of tuna that is native to the Indian Ocean.

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