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A summary of selected City Hall actions this past week affecting Central Los Angeles. : CITY COUNCIL

September 05, 1993|LEE HARRIS

* STREET FESTIVAL: Approved the closure of 5th Street between Grand Avenue and Flower Street from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 9 for the Community Cup Competition and Street Festival. The annual fund-raising event is sponsored by the Downtown YMCA. Corporations and nonprofit organizations compete in various events, including balloon-tossing, stair-climbing, golf, swimming and tennis.

* CHILD-CARE FACILITY: Approved a proposal to build a three-story child-care facility at 3730 W. 27th St. despite protests from several neighbors about the construction. Some said they were concerned the building would not fit into the residential surroundings and that children would not be properly supervised.

* SCHOOL VOUCHER: Councilwoman Rita Walters, a former Los Angeles Unified School District board member, is requesting that the council oppose the school voucher initiative, Prop. 174, on the Nov. 2 ballot. Walters said the parental choice measure will take money from public schools and give it to private schools, creating more problems for the public institutions. Funding cuts for the public schools would result in fewer teachers, aides and security officers, and bring more crowded classrooms, she said.


* ELEPHANT TRANSFER: Approved moving Billy, a 10-year-old Asian bull elephant, from the Los Angeles Zoo to a private stable in Perris in Riverside County. Billy will live in Perris for a year, at a cost of $15,000, while the elephant facility is undergoing a $900,000 face lift. Six other elephants will be moved to other parts of the facility during the remodeling. Zoo officials were criticized last year after another elephant, Hannibal, died after being tranquilized and loaded into a trailer. Hannibal was being sent to a zoo in Mexico. Zoo officials said Billy will not be tranquilized.


How South-Central and Eastside City Council representatives voted on selected issues. * RIOT RELIEF: Approved an ordinance waiving sewerage facilities charges for liquor stores damaged or destroyed in the 1992 riots, if the stores are converted to other businesses not involving the sale of alcohol. Mayor Richard Riordan must give final approval. Passed: 13-0. Voting yes: Mike Hernandez, Nate Holden, Mark Ridley-Thomas and Walters. Absent: Richard Alatorre.

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