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PICO-UNION : Salvadorans Urged to Renew Permits

September 05, 1993|SANDRA HERNANDEZ

El Rescate, a nonprofit group that provides social and legal assistance to Central Americans, is launching a monthlong campaign this week to re-register Salvadorans who previously signed up for temporary protected status with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

"With all the anti-immigrant bashing that is going on, it's important for (Salvadorans) who want to remain in this country and be eligible to work to make sure that they re-register," said Oscar Andrade, El Rescate executive director.

Andrade estimated that nearly half of the 72,000 Salvadorans who initially registered for temporary protected status or are part of the Deferred Enforced Departure program in Los Angeles will fail to register again. Those who do not file a new registration by Oct. 31 will automatically lose their work permits.

In addition to putting out flyers and canvassing door to door, El Rescate representatives will be available at 12 Western Union offices--not yet designated--to help applicants fill out the forms.

"The simple reality is there is no outreach material or advertisements out there to let people know time is running out," Andrade said. "People don't know that they can apply for re-registration without paying (by getting) a fee waiver."

The registration campaign will be done in conjunction with Western Union Financial Services Inc. Each applicant must bring an existing work permit and a money order for $60 payable to INS, or apply for a fee waiver.

Information: (213) 387-3284.

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