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Talk Back : Mime's the Word

September 05, 1993

I wonder if television advertisers are really getting their money's worth? Some high-paid media guru recommended turning up the volume on commercials to attract viewers' attention. It worked! It became so irritating that my husband's automatic response to every commercial is to hit the mute button on the remote.

If the advertisers had left the sound alone we could have been deprived of a new viewing experience. You'd be surprised at how stupid (i.e., humorous) a commercial looks in mime. Now that's what I call entertainment.

Betty Jo Atnip, San Clemente

'Shannon' Makes Impression

I recently saw a pilot on ABC called "Rio Shannon" (Aug. 14), and I was very impressed. It was pleasantly different than other network dramas I've seen, and not only do I hope it becomes a series but that it spawns other programs of comparable style and quality.

Stacey Oziel, Hidden Hills

Poor Timing by '60 Minutes'

It was an abomination for CBS to schedule "60 Minutes" with the terrible expose of the pedophile problem in the Catholic Church. I am not a Catholic but, after crying with the Pope in his effort to bring peace, I was revolted with CBS' purposeful scheduling to sensationalize the TV audience to gain ratings.

Joseph E. Keating, Los Angeles

Teeing Off Over Football OT

Once again football games reign supreme--and exhibition games at that. On Sunday, Aug. 8, the final round of the Buick Open was scheduled for 12:30 p.m. CBS postponed 50 minutes because of overtime in the football game. Are we golfers going to have to put up with this all season?

A.S. Engel, Whittier

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