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September 06, 1993|JAMES BATES

Piloting New Euphemisms

As if the terms "downsizing" and "rightsizing" aren't bad enough, even more new terms in corporate speak are emerging to describe job cuts.

This one comes courtesy of American Airlines, the Robert Crandall-led air carrier now deep into negotiations with the Assn. of Professional Flight Attendants.

In a proposal given to union representatives last week, American details what it calls an "early-out opportunity."

"Early out" is what most everyone else calls an early retirement buyout. But according to American's document, however, it's a "Bridge to Retirement."

Is There a Vaccine?

In another sign that life is studied to death, University of Louisville psychologist Michael Cunningham has found that annoying co-workers are at the root of "social allergies."

In the study, Cunningham concluded that the obnoxious habits of co-workers can produce psychological irritations "much the way ragweed and certain foods can affect people physically."

He suggests talking out problems with annoying workers.

Trailblazing Statistics

Speaking of studies, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Assn. trade group has published a survey describing some of the social activities of RV owners.

In a survey of 700 owners on their fall and winter travel plans, the association found that 31.3% plan to go to flea markets this fall, 27.8% will shop at an outlet mall and 15.3% will host a tailgate party.

Another detail: Among the 15% who expect to host tailgate parties, Ohio State is the most popular college, followed by Penn State and Florida.

Hunk-A Hunk-A Hyperbole

The owners of a Hollywood office building are using a King-size gimmick to try to attract tenants in a sluggish real estate market.

An ad for two floors of space in the former RCA building on Sunset Boulevard--now occupied mostly by music giant BMG--makes an unusual claim. "Where Elvis Recorded!" the ad read, ". . . and still does."

Robert Mitchell, an executive with building owner Cosmo Pacific, admits that although Elvis Presley did record in the building at one time, no one in recent years has heard the King's voice echoing in the halls.

"It's a little attention grabbing. You need anything you can get these days because the real estate market is so bad," Mitchell said.

Briefly . . .

Foul ball: Federal thrift regulators disciplined two workers participating in a fantasy baseball league because it broke a rule prohibiting gambling on government property. . . . Running on empty: The Los Angeles International Triathlon Inc. in San Marino filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. . . . A tour operator planning an 80-passenger, around-the-world flight on a Concorde jet on Dec. 31 says it will cost $23,800 a person.

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