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Focus on Entertainment Stocks

September 07, 1993

* Spotlight on Spelling Entertainment Group: Commenting on Blockbuster Entertainment's acquisition last March of about 54% of the firm's outstanding shares, Vice Chairman Aaron Spelling said: "There are tremendous synergies between the two companies. We intend to produce a serial show exclusively for the video market, which hasn't been done before. We'll also be testing our network pilots in Blockbuster stores, which will give us a chance to change them if necessary before we ever go to the networks."

Major Properties

* Films: "Mr. Mom," "Soapdish," "Pet Sematary," "Satisfaction"

* Television: "Beverly Hills 90210," "Melrose Place"

* Syndication: "The Love Boat," "The Streets of San Francisco," "Little House on the Prairie," "Barnaby Jones"

Financial Data

* Market capitalization: $408.1 million

* Cash: $36.1 million

* Long-term debt: $109.9 million

* 1992 revenue: $258.5 million

* 1992 profit: $9.8 million

* Earnings per share: $0.19

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