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Rodney King

September 07, 1993

* Re the latest Rodney King incident: his "booking" for drunken driving. The facts are: The vehicle was wrecked. The occupants were under the influence. Wouldn't it be sad if some innocent person had been struck and killed?

Why can't everyone realize that alcohol is the root of King's problems. We wouldn't have had the beating, the trials, the riots, the Denny beating, the waste of taxpayers money, the hatred that all of this started.

I'm sure King is a likable person when he is sober. When he drinks, he's a menace to the other people on the highways.


Garden Grove

* Will this convicted felon be held accountable for his latest arrest or be given special privileges once again? I would also like to know why this man has never been reprimanded and had his parole revoked?


Los Angeles

* King, fleeing to avoid arrest, is stopped and brutally beaten. He would later be arrested four times on alcohol-related and domestic disturbance charges.

Reginald Denny, inadvertently driving his truck through the starting point of the LA. riots is stopped and brutally beaten. At the trial of his alleged assailants, he makes no accusations, then embraces the mothers of two defendants. One mother notes, "This man has no malice in his heart."

King continues to be a celebrated hero to black youth and is sought after to speak on high school campuses. Very shortly, Denny will be a forgotten footnote in the records of an incident at Florence and Normandie.


Corona del Mar

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