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VAN NUYS : Panel Denies Appeal Against Food Store

September 08, 1993|JEFF SCHNAUFER

In a blow to neighbors of a proposed Van Nuys supermarket, city zoning officials Tuesday denied an appeal that would have eliminated a controversial loading dock for the project.

Developers won approval to build a 24-hour Food 4 Less supermarket at Sherman Way and Hayvenhurst Avenue.

Local residents had supported the market, but opposed the location of its loading dock on DeCelis Place.

But City Councilwoman Laura Chick supported the proposal. And on Tuesday, with several conditions she had recommended, the Board of Zoning Appeals voted her way.

"These conditions are all pie in the sky and we don't think they will work," said Don Schultz, president of the Van Nuys Homeowners Assn.

"Our concern was for the truck traffic going up and down the street," said Steve Kline, 40, who lives near the Van Nuys site. "And because of the trucks up by Sherman Way, it would cause a problem for us leaving DeCelis."

Chick's conditions for approval included requirements that trucks follow a designated route, a stop sign be placed on DeCelis Place, weight restrictions be enforced, and a 24-hour hot line be established to take residents' complaints.

Kenneth Bernstein, Chick's planning deputy, said the councilwoman regretted being unable to support the project's neighbors, but that other alternatives to the loading dock would create security, safety and other difficulties for the project.

"Given the heavy industrial nature of DeCelis already, we don't feel the Food 4 Less market will create additional problems," Bernstein said.

"This is obviously one of our first land-use cases," he added. "If it does go in, it obviously means we will work very closely with the Food 4 Less management to make sure these conditions are met."

Residents will meet to consider an appeal to the City Council, Schultz said.

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