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No Price Can Be Put on Life of Loved One

September 12, 1993

* The letter from Howard Prince of Agoura Hills headlined "A 2nd Tragedy Follows Fatal Stabbing at ATM" (Aug. 22) misstates a number of facts related to the death of Sharon Foreman at an ATM facility.

The lawsuit filed over her murder, he writes, "reveals a greater societal tragedy" than the death of an innocent person. In his mind it is an opportunity for a lot of people, including the parents, to make a lot of money.

The public should be afforded maximum protection from those that would rob and kill us at these presently unprotected sites.

The banks, savings and loans and other institutions have installed security officers, cameras, and elaborate alarm systems within their walls to protect their money, officers and employees. It appears they don't give a damn what happens outside those same walls.

I don't believe a price can be affixed to the loss of a loved one.

Let's get back to that place in the not too distant past when the value of a human being's life, respect and love for family and friends were uppermost in everyone's mind. Businesses prospered and flourished operating with that philosophy in mind.



Smith is Sharon Foreman's uncle.

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