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MOORPARK : City to Consider Anti-Graffiti Law

September 14, 1993|JAMES MAIELLA JR.

Following other Ventura County cities that have adopted anti-graffiti ordinances stricter than state law, the Moorpark City Council Wednesday will consider its own law to protect residences and businesses.

The proposed law would force merchants who sell paints or etching materials to keep them locked away and not available to browsers. It would also give merchants and residents 72 hours to clean up graffiti on their property before city workers did so at the merchants' and residents' expense.

Councilman Scott Montgomery said that despite much of the Moorpark ordinance already being covered by state law, it was important that the city go further in the fight against graffiti vandalism.

"We do have the problem and we need to take all the steps that we can to eliminate the problem," he said.

Ventura County Sheriff's Lt. Geoff Dean, who heads up Moorpark law enforcement, said the local law would help his deputies combat the city's continuing graffiti problem.

"I think it can be a real effective tool," Dean said.

The council will discuss the proposed law at its meeting starting at 7 p.m. in City Hall, 799 Moorpark Ave.

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