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Giving Peace A Chance : A Centuray of Strife: Zionism Takes Hold

September 14, 1993

* 1882: First wave of Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe.

* 1896 Theodore Herzl purposes establishment of a Jewish state.

* 1897: First Zionist Congress--meeting in Basel, Switzerland--adopts resolution calling for a "home in Palestine."

* 1904-14 Second wave of Jewish immigration and the creation of the first collective settlements (kibbutzim).

* 1917-18 British and Allied occupation of Palestine and Syria; British military administration in Palestine.

* 1919: Treaty of Versailles following Worl War I puts former provinces of the Ottoman Empire under temporary rule of European states to prepare for self-rule.

* 1922: British government releases policy attempting to reassure Palestinians that it is not trying to impose a Jewish nation in Palestine.

* 1929: Arab rioting begins in late summer, spreading from Jerusalem to other parts of the country.

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