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Giving Peace A Chance : A Century of Strife: The Promise of Peace

September 14, 1993


* June: Yitzhak Rabin is elected Israeli prime minister. He promises to reach an accord on self-rule for the Palestinians.

* September: Senior Norwegian diplomat, State Secretary Jan Egeland, proposes that his country become the secret intermediary for direct talks between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Norway Foreign Minister Johan Jorgen Holst fully endorses the offer.

* December: Initial key meeting between PLO and Israeli representatives. 1993

* January: Israeli Paliament authorizes contacts between government and PLO. First secret talks held between Palestinian and Israeli officials near Oslo.

* Aug. 20: Shimon Peres and Abu Alaa meet in Oslo and shake hands on a draft agreement.

* Aug. 30: Israel and the PLO announce that they have reached an agreement on Palestinian self-rule.

* Sept. 4: Arafat wins approval of Fatah for the agreement.

* Sept. 9: Arafat signs letter recognizing Israel and renouncing violence. In response, Rabin writes that the government of Israel has decided to recognize the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people.

* Sept. 13: The Declaration of Principles for Palestinian self-rule in Gaza Strip and Jericho is signed in Washington.

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